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Viewing entries posted in February 2015

Women in Nepal become forest conservationists

Posted by Christie Verstraten on 25 February 2015


Women in Nepal have become stewards of a community forest in the Terai Arc, which they rely on for necessities like food, water and shelter, as well as income and firewood. This article tells their story through a series of pictures.

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New Brunswick environmental group finds success selling carbon offsets

Posted by Christie Verstraten on 24 February 2015

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Community Forests International, a Sackville-based forestry and environmental group, has been making about $70,000 per year on their 71 hectare woodlot by selling carbon offsets to five Canadian companies. These companies are paying CFI to manage this land sustainably.

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Warming climates are causing expanded ranges and earlier arrivals for blacklegged ticks

Posted by Christie Verstraten on 20 February 2015

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Warmer spring temperatures in northeastern US are leading to earlier arrivals of Lyme disease-carrying blacklegged ticks and increasing their geographic range.

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Dwindling supply of hardwood sawlogs shuts down local flooring manufacturer

Posted by Christie Verstraten on 19 February 2015


Another hardwood flooring manufacturer has had to close its doors due to a lack of hardwood sawlogs being harvested in the province.

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Small private woodlot owners are essential to successful forest conservation efforts

Posted by Christie Verstraten on 5 February 2015

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In the U.S, over a third of forested land is owned by individuals or families. It is therefore necessary to support and collaborate with them for successful forest conservation and sustainability efforts. The article highlights 5 benefits of responsible forest management: clean water, continuous wood supply, wildlife habitat, recreation opportunities, and carbon capture and storage.

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EU renewable energy policies drive demand for wood pellets

Posted by Christie Verstraten on 4 February 2015

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Demand for wood pellets is increasing in the EU due to renewable energy policies.

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Early game wardens and land stewardship

Posted by Christie Verstraten on 2 February 2015

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As you wait for better weather to get out and enjoy the woods, why not read about the lives of early game sanctuary wardens and their commitment to land stewardship? 

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